Project Management Office (PMO)

A project management office (PMO for short) is a central function or department in an organization, responsible for establishing and maintaining a framework for organizational project management (OPM for short). The project management office is focused on assuring projects, programs and portfolios are managed in a consistent manner and that they work towards the company’s goals.

In general, PMI’s PMBOK Guide identifies the key purpose of a PMO as supporting project managers, which can take very different forms – depending on how the PMO is actually run.

Management styles of a PMO

A PMO may be supportive only, with a low level of control in the organization, offering training, templates and forms. On the other hand, a PMO may be controlling with a moderate level of control, ensuring compliance with a company-wide project management standard and making sure project managers adhere to that standard methodology. Last but not least, a PMO may be directive, in which case it holds a high level of control and actually controls and manages projects.

Commonly offered PMO services

In practice, it’s very common to have at least the following services offered by a PMO:

  • Provide a company-specific methodology for project management, supported by standard templates and forms and defined processes
  • Coach and train project managers in project management
  • Strengthen and facilitate know-how transfer and communication across all ongoing projects
  • Manage project resources
  • Archive project documentation
  • Review project success and adherence to company’s project management standard

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