BPMN 2.0

BPMN is a standardized computer and graphic modeling language for documenting business processes. Since I personally encourage the use of BPMN within our company, I’d like to use this public platform to provide training and documentation material – ranging from introductory up to advanced. While I’ll start out with the simple things, I’ll add more sophisticated content over time.

The BPMN standard

BPMN was drafted and published by the Object Management Group. The standard’s latest iteration is version 2.0, which can be downloaded in full from OMG’s website. Further information can also be found in my previous article on documentation standards.

The building blocks

So far, you can read up on

To be continued

Stay tuned… coming up next:

  • Conditions, gates, alternate paths
  • Parallelism
  • Assigning activities to responsible roles
  • Splitting up diagrams across multiple sub diagrams
  • Sub processes

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